Simple Maxi Skirt with Elastic Band

At the beginning of the school year my mom made my daughter this super cute long maxi skirt that was black with white polka dots and had a black elastic band. Naturally I wanted one. My mother went on about how easy it was to make. So this week we finally tackled this super easy skirt to make. We went to Joann’s, purchased what we needed & I found some material for 50% off (Yay me!) and came home to start our sewing fun. Today I am going to share the pattern with you. 


Supplies Needed

Fabric : 1-2 yards depending on width / desired length

Elastic: 2 inch wide, color of your choice to match your fabric

Thread color of choice


  1. Start by measuring out your material. For the width, measure your hips at the widest part then add the amount of inches you think  will bring fullness to the skirt. I added 6 inches to the width of my hips. So with the material folded, it measured out 48 inches wide, based upon my measurements. Your length will be based upon how long you want it.
  2.  Then pen it long ways, right sides touching.


3. After measuring and pinning, sew down the length, this will make your back seam. You will now have a basic shell of a skirt. Iron the seam down after sewing.

4. Now you will measure your elastic and cut it based upon your waist size.

5. Based upon where you measured it, sew the elastic using a zig-zag stitch to form a band.

6. Now it is time to line the elastic up with the skirt. The seam of the skirt will be the back and the seam you sewed on the elastic will line up with the back of the skirt. Mark the back, front and each side of the skirt  with a pin. Then do the same with the elastic.

7. After marking the skirt and the elastic, combine them to match up the back of the elastic with the back of the skirt, the front of the elastic with the front of the skirt, and each side of the elastic with the sides of the skirt.

8. Now it is time to sew the elastic band to the skirt. We sewed the elastic right sides together on the skirt. You have to pull the elastic tight when sewing to get the seam correct. We added an extra stitch to secure the elastic even more.

9. Now hem the bottom of the skirt and iron it and you have a brand new skirt.



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