Our “Official” Bride & Groom Pics

I could not think of a good mushy love title for this blog post, so we will just keep it simple. If you haven’t already guessed…. I am sharing our official “formal” bride / groom portraits today. No we did not just get married. Jeff and I were married in March of 2016 after a 7 week engagement. I walked down the aisle in a dress I ordered off Amazon for $200 that arrived a few days before I said “I do.” That being said you can probably guess we didn’t do much of the “formal” wedding stuff you are “supposed” to do. But that’s ok, we paid cash for our wedding, had money saved up in the bank when we got home from our honeymoon and were able to purchase our first home a little after our first year of marriage. 

This past week marked 3 years since we first met over a lunch date at El Fenix restaurant in Dallas. Because all good things in life start over a bowl of chips and salsa. It seems like just yesterday, yet a lifetime ago. So many good things have happened to us since that day. It hasn’t been perfect, but we have been blessed. Falling in love after being hurt takes courage. The guy who can break down all the walls you have built up so high to keep the hurt and pain away is worth it. I know because I married him.

Ok enough of the deep talk stuff.

Today I share what has been over 2 years in the making after much prodding from my Mother. (Did I say prodding? I meant gentle suggestions.) After our photo shoot was complete, my sweet loving Mother told me she was glad we finally did this before “the aging process” took much more effect. GOSH thanks Mom. LOVE YOU TOO.

Seriously…. Thank you to my parents for making it all possible and to Breanna Ballard for doing such a phenomenal job. It was an entertaining and educational experience.  We learned they do not allow you to change into your dress in the bathrooms in the gardens. Which I understand the reasoning, but it means our photo shoot got off to a fun start by me having to change into my wedding gown and all that it entails in the parking garage stair well. At least it was 9 AM before many people had arrived and the temp was still in the upper 80’s / low 90’s.  Fun times in married life that was. But we persevered and made it!! Discomfort always breeds the best from within.

It was fun to get all dressed up and have people tell us congratulations as we walked down the passage ways. And to the random tipsy guy who yelled out to me “Hey! I like your belt!” before his significant other quickly shushed him telling him he had already had too many beers. His response was classic…. “Well they gave them to me.” (It was Father’s Day weekend and apparently they were having a beer & wine tasting that weekend.)

Since I know you aren’t here to read my words, I will proceed forward in sharing the pics.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Thompson…

Me posing as the Bride.

My husband, the Groom. He was only allowed limited pictures because well, he wasn’t the bride. 

Disclaimer: in most of the pics I was barefoot or had my sandals on. Shoes are overrated. 

I did finally put my shoes on though….  Well Jeff did that for me & my Mom. I was in full on high maintenance mode by this point. Did I mention it was hot?


The veil, bouquet and jeweled belt, I ordered off shops on Etsy. They definately made the dress. 

IMG_2511 (46)
Love this one

The classic…. Don’t leave me pose, she is getting away….

All the “in-betweens.” And the walking. Lots and lots of walking.

“It is finished.”


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  1. Beautiful! But… that’s what you expect when you have two beautiful people being photographed by an awesome photographer ❣️

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