Monday January 31, 2022

The last day of January. January for me in the past has always felt so long, as though I lived several liftemes in the course of each week. While this January has not been an exception to that, it did seem to go faster than previous years. A lot of things did happen in our... Continue Reading →

Tuesday January 25, 2022

In yesterday's post I mentioned I just started reading the book Heaven to Earth by Anthony Mangun, which details out the prayer pattern of praying through the tabernacle. You can google "The Tabernacle Plan" to find many resources on this. I have previously also watched YouTube videos discussing it. My Pastor at church is also... Continue Reading →

01.24.2022 Monday

Earlier this month I finished reading the book Leading on Empty by Wayne Cordeiro, which I highly recommend and will definately put it on my "to be read again list." The book is primarily geared towards those in church leadership positions on how to rest, renew, and refill their passion. I only wish this book... Continue Reading →

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