I wish I would have done less

Having a conversation with my daughter on the way to drop her off at my parent’s house one day last week is perhaps what spurred this entire post. My daughter is a good girl, even though she is every bit of teenage drama you would expect. I am thankful she has never given me major... Continue Reading →

10 Things I’m loving right now

This week marks the official first week of fall. Yay! Even though it has still been in the 90's the past week, the first day of Fall in Texas brings a glimmer of hope cooler temps are on the way.  I was initially going to title this "Fall Favorites" but the things I love about... Continue Reading →

September 12, 2016 marked 6 months I have been married to my wonderful husband, Jeff. In commemoration of this, this week I wanted to share a little of our love story and some of my journey in going from a single mom to a married woman.  When I look at Jeff and my love story... Continue Reading →

Dreams to sew

  It has been a good first week of September. We enjoyed a nice quiet Labor Day. As it always seems with the shorter holiday weeks, they tend to be a tad bit crazier than normal weeks for some reason, or maybe it's just me. Despite a few twists and turns life brought us this... Continue Reading →

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