Day 2 – Thankful for my Husband

My heart is beyond full of Thanksgiving as I sit here and think about just how good the past year has been. It doesn’t mean it has been perfect, but it has been better beyond what I could have ever imagined. This will be my first holiday season to be married and to share it with someone I love. While last year my family and Jeff’s family did spend the holiday together, we were not married at the time. So this year is different. It still feels like a dream some days. And I cannot let one day go by without saying how thankful I am for my husband, Jeff. If you don’t know our love story, you can read about it here, A story of love, hope & redemption.

I realize we have become the couple I used to roll my eyes at and thought was only stupid made up lovey dovey junk, just to put on a show. But it is so real and was worth every bit of hurt and bad relationship I went through prior to meeting Jeff. Because of my past, I am thankful for him, his love towards me, towards my daughter and to our future together.

Since we got married in March, I have watched you Jeff only love me more. Care for me, be patient with me, you have been exactly what I did not know I needed. I have learned and am still learning to relax and allow someone else to take charge, learning I do not have to bear all of the burdens of running a household and family alone. Not to mention you cook, clean, take care of my car, run errands I hate to run, buy me flowers for no other reason other than to say I love you, I could go on and on. I just can’t get over at how good you are to me and to our family.

I was thinking back this week to the 2nd date we went on. Well if you can call it a date, LOL. It was Jeff’s birthday, Saturday August 1, 2015. Even though we had been talking for a few weeks, we had literally just met for the first time earlier in the week over lunch, then I invited him to a birthday celebration for my dad with all of my immediate family and close friends. I guess that was a brave move to see if he could tolerate us all. We talk about now how nervous we both were that day. But what a good decision it was to invite you along. I never felt awkward, and it felt like you belonged. It was that day I knew something was different about you Jeff, and I knew I wanted to keep you around for a long time.

Our 2nd “date” with the entire family eating food Jeff had never had – Korean BBQ

Now we have almost been married the same amount of time as we were dating. I look back over the past year and am thankful for every decision made which brought us together. Here are some pictures reflecting over the past year, from our first few dates, to the State Fair of Texas, where 6 tall people crammed into the ferris wheel cable car, #togetherness to my first half marathon where you were at the finish line to meet me, to our first holiday season together, to our engagement, and now married life together, there are no words to say other than thank you Jeff for loving me. And I am thankful for us!!


To all my single people out there, just know it’s not ok to settle. It’s not ok to try to force someone to like you. It’s not ok to become someone you are not just to be in a relationship. Just be you. Be confident in who you are. I look back over past relationships I have had where I was trying to be someone I wasn’t, trying to fit into a mold, and how miserable I was. With Jeff I don’t have to put on a show or be someone I am not. I am looking forward to our future together and all of the blessings in store for us and our family.





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